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Imagine school without a teacher. Thousands of children in India are missing out on school because they don't have a teacher. And millions more who are enrolled in school learn in overcrowded classrooms because there aren't enough teachers to teach t...

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On 1st April 2010, India became one of 135 countries to make education a fundamental right of every child. Yet 7 seven years later, almost 1200 students lack access to primary education in the capital city, New Delhi. 

A large part of this population are children forced into child labor through activities such as rag picking. At a major dumpsite on the outskirts of New Delhi, Shuddhi Team discovered numerous young hands scavenging through urban litter whereas they must ideally be holding pencils in a hygienic and empowering environment. 

Shuddhi, a non-governmental organization devoted towards working for the benefit of underprivileged children among other issues, aims to construct a school that in addition basic academics also trains children in basic life skills, democratic values and learning competencies. 

Shuddhi School intends to provide free education to all its students with the support of its trained and experienced team of volunteers & teachers by your generous contribution. The school will function as a charitable school providing remarkable education to underprivileged children through one on one mentorship, and sponsorship accomplished by socially conscious individuals. In addition to providing direct passage to education, this model will also expand their horizons to better opportunities through their mentors. Concurrently, the mentor experiences the joy of flooding a child’s life with hope for a promising future by guiding their child onto a completely different path than the one he/she may have trodden onto without books. 

Shuddhi is a dream! A dream set in the belief that if given the right opportunity every child can flourish and a belief in education being a social emancipation tool that can overcome social barriers of our society. Shuddhi is a dream to spread the gift of education to the millions of children who languish without proper education. The estimated cost to build the new school is 15,000 euros for executing various segments of the project such as construction (classrooms, playgrounds, practical laboratories), supporting supplies (electricity, water, mid-day meals) and other required items for more than 500 new students.

The commencement of the school is expected to begin this year as soon as the threshold financial support is achieved. All contributions received henceforth shall be used to progressively develop the school premises, facilities and other needful additions which we will update here. All donors will also be given a regular update of all events, activities and progress report of the children. 

Please step forward to help these children. One small effort by you can break a child free from the chains of child labor and rightfully practice his/her right to education.